Services and accessories

Provide one-stop short-term and long-term rental service solutions

Service purpose


after-sale service 售后服务

Pre sale / in sale
Free technical consultation service
Non standard product design support
Actively support and cooperate with customers in pre-sales promotion
On-site product operation training and technical exchange
After sale
On site support for generator commissioning or large project installation and commissioning
After sales training

Fast service

Fast service
When the product fails, if on-site service is required, Kangneng will confirm the maintenance plan within 24 hours. End users within Guangdong Province, arrive within 48 hours, domestic end users outside Guangdong Province, arrive within 72 hours。
For the unit damage caused by non-human and non force majeure, and the cause of the failure cannot be quickly determined and repaired on site, Kangneng provides rapid replacement service according to the application of the customer。
Warranty period
12 months from the date the unit leaves the factory or 1000 hours of operation, whichever comes first. Free warranty repairs, parts replacement or parts support;
out of warranty
The warranty period of the whole machine or parts repaired by the user is 12 months or 1000 hours, whichever comes first。
Provide free technical consulting services, paid on-site services, paid parts support or maintenance services。
The warranty period for replacing new parts or the whole machine due to product failure shall remain unchanged according to the warranty period of the original product。

Compact structure and easy maintenance

Replaceable wet cylinder liner
Good cooling effect
Easy replacement
All model parts
Strong versatility and high degree of serialization
Easy to maintain。
Cylinder block and cylinder head
Built in pressure lubricating oil passage is adopted
Compact structure and low failure rate。
Composite oil filter
Convenient maintenance
Reduce daily maintenance costs。

customer service


7*24 hours service hotline


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