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Guangdong Zhongyao electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a complete set of diesel generator factories and various power equipment rental suppliers in China. The total assets of the company are more than ten million yuan, the plant area is 6000 square meters, and the number of employees is nearly 120. The company assembles complete sets of imported and domestic first-line diesel generator sets, and has a large number of rental silent shelter generator sets and industrial expansion load cabinets. The company has built a modern low-noise diesel generator set test center, well-trained generator set commissioning personnel in all aspects, comprehensively grasp the use of customer sets, provide professional maintenance, and have a variety of generator set corresponding parts library and a sound service center.

Zhongyao electromechanical mainly produces and sells more than 10 series and more than 100 varieties of products, such as zyk, ZYS, zyy, ZYW, zyp, etc. For the power part, domestic and imported engines are selected according to customer needs, together with high-quality copper generators to provide the most professional power solutions. The power distribution of generator units is 5-4000kw for fixed units and 24-300kw for mobile power stations.

For a long time, we have always adhered to the high standards and strict requirements of product quality. According to the enterprise principle of quality and development, we value contracts, keep promises and speak good faith. The company has built first-class assembly production lines in the industry, including sheet metal workshop, general assembly workshop, electrical assembly workshop, testing workshop and paint baking workshop. Combined with advanced process technology and testing means, we strive for refinement and quality, and win many repeat customers, The products are all over the world and all industries. Zhongyao electromechanical diesel generator set is widely used in communication, factories and mines, ports, highways, ships, railways, airports, power plants, hotels, troops and other places. It is an ideal emergency power supply equipment and has won the trust and support of all walks of life.

In terms of emergency repair, temporary power supply and load expansion in the power supply industry, our company has several professional leasing site management teams. A series of standardized processes such as rapid equipment delivery, on-time arrival at the site, safe and stable power supply are very important components of our leasing business culture, so as to try to make customers feel at ease, at ease and at ease.

Based on the road of scientific and humanized operation and management, the company gathers a batch of top talents with high quality, high technology and high qualifications in the motor industry, including many top experts, and strives to be the best generator set. At the same time, we also solemnly promise: we will never let any unqualified products leave the factory, resolutely protect the interests of customers, resolutely abide by the provisions of the contract, regularly check the condition of products at the customer unit, and timely repair and maintenance of the unit, so as to ensure that users can use them at ease.

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